She is the Ancient: A Genderbent Curse of Strahd – S1E1: “Slurpipede”

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Nothing Left of the Best B&B

Sarzaneth, Roxy, Dr. Jerchio Boombox, and Tod stand dazed and confused at the edge of the village of Barovia. They’ve just survived a very disappointing dinner party at a haunted house that now sits in rubble behind them.

Shifty Pies

The darkening evening pushes the party to try to find shelter for the night. Passing through the village, they spot the Blood on the Vine Tavern and Inn. On the way to the tavern, an elderly man approaches with a cart of pies. DJ eats one of the gentleman’s pies and immediately falls into a hallucinogenic, coma-like state. All they see around them is a grassy field, but they still feel sensations from things that happen to their body. While the party is alarmed the gentleman assures them no one has died from his pies. Roxy carries DJ and a very concerned Baby Boombox onward to the tavern.


As the party settles into the tavern the concerned Baby Boombox punches DJ awake from their magic trance causing a wild magic surge that results in DJ’s tongue transforming into a centipede. The party struggles to cope with this alarming situation, stumbling into a back booth where a woman and young child are sitting quietly.

The Quest Hook

The party learns that this woman is Ireena, the village burgomaster’s daughter, and her younger brother, Ismark. Ireena, confused and uneasy at the abrupt interruption and the ragtag crew surrounding her, decides to attempt to request aid from the party. Ireena explains that her mother has died following several days of non-stop attack by minions of Countess Strahd. She requests the party assist in getting her mother’s remains to the church for burial and to help get her brother to the much safer village of Vallaki.

The party agrees to help move the burgomaster’s remains to the church. The following morning they accompany Ireena and Ismark to their home. DJ carries the coffin within themself and coughs it back up at the church.


Once there the party debates with Ireena and the priestess about removing the burgomaster’s head to prevent her from rising as an undead creature. Roxy utilizes Charm Person to convince Ireena that removing her mother’s head is the safest option. Ireena agrees and the priestess begins the ceremony as Sarzaneth informs the party that there is a concerning issue that must be dealt with in the church.

The Funeral Guest

When the ceremony is complete a figure, finely dressed in black and surrounded by wolves, appears in the field nearby. Countess Strahd pays her respects to the burgomaster, and to Ireena and Ismark, her new targets, before disappearing in a cloud of mist.🦇

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