I’m a professional, therapeutic Dungeon Master with more than 1,000 paid sessions in experience. I run games for D&D in a Castle, and I’m a writer for companies such as Modiphius and Dungeon in a Box. My book, She is the Ancient, is a Best-Seller on DMs Guild and has been nominated for awards. I use my blog TTRPG University as a medium to teach others how to master their tables, their writing, and their opportunities in the industry.

Ways to Work With Me

TTRPG Writing

For TTRPG books, DMs Guild, Kickstarter projects, and more.

Private D&D Sessions

Hire me as your dungeon master for games like She is the Ancient.

Design Layout

I do general graphic design as well as layout for books and Kickstarter.


I’m a professional teacher and coach for all things TTRPG, publication, and business.

Conventions & Events

I love doing panels, interviews, and games for events such as conventions!

Livestream Player

I’m an avid D&D player happy to partake in charity games and other Twitch sessions.

"I can only recommend Beth’s table to players who want to really feel like they are playing out the story at the table. In my experience, the weight and emotions of what we went through together at the table will stay with us forever."
-Jordan, D&D LEGO Designer-
"Beth’s table was immediately so explicitly inclusive and welcoming that I never once felt anything but at ease being myself at the table. "
— Alyssa, D&D in a Castle—

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