Curse of Strahd

A reference guide to the NPCs of the Curse of Strahd with descriptions, connections, and suggestions for roleplay.  More than just gender-bending, there are alternatives for problematic horror depictions and the elimination of racial slurs and ableist language in the original campaign.

Bardhouse Media

Bardhouse Media is an independent TTRPG studio by Beth the Bard & Jayden King. We focus on accessibility and take a unique approach to collaboration and teamwork to create GM-friendly publications while building community. Bardhouse strives to lift the creative voices of women & BIPOC creators.

TTRPG University

Articles, courses, and mentorship for aspiring tabletop game masters and designers.

Daughter of Frankenstein

Embrace the body horror and industrial disasters of Promethea in this horror sourcebook for 5E! 

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She is the Ancient (16 episodes)

Angel and the City of Glass (6 episodes)

Jasper’s Game Day 2021 (3 episodes with DMs B. Dave Walters, Satine Phoenix, and Shareef Jackson)

DM Roulette on Blackwater DnD

Scry Society

Fallout on The Initiative Order

Baldman Games

D&D in a Castle (DMing, coaching)

Dungeon in a Box (writing)

Tabletop Date Night (live streaming, DMing)

Daughter of Frankenstein (team management, writing, layout, editing, publishing)

She is the Ancient, 2nd Edition (layout, writing, editing, publishing)

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D&D in a Castle
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