Learn How to Play D&D (LIVE Zoom Session)


In this 3-hour live e-course with Beth, you’ll become acquainted with the basics of Dungeons & Dragons! We’ll follow the core 5E model to create your first character and then we’ll have a practice encounter.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons


-Meet your instructor, Beth -What will we cover? -After the course
I’m Beth the Bard!00:00:00
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Your Zoom session with Beth00:00:00

D&D Basics

Character Creation?

We will use our DND Beyond account or a printed character sheet to build our first D&D character. All sourcebook options are unlocked to my students for the first month of their enrollment!

Material Includes

  • 3-Hour Zoom Call
  • Discord Server
  • Access to DnD Beyond Sourcebooks and Character-Building Tools (DnDBeyond.com Account Required)


  • The Player's Handbook by Wizards of the Coast (Amazon or DnD Beyond)
  • Dice (Digital or Physical)
  • Character Sheet (Printed or DnD Beyond)