Play the Monster of Their Nightmares...

For centuries, noble heroes have banded together in the name of light and all that is good. They hunt what they do not understand – the cryptids, the supernatural, and other creatures of folklore. The monsters of every old tale. 

In other words, they hunt you.

You are a daemon, what remains of the shadow, and you must survive these adventuring parties that wish to earn coin and renown through your extinction. 

Daemon: Last Children of the Shade

is a 5e setting and adventure inspired by twisted cults, monstrous creatures, and terrifying magic. The game asks, “What if we are the monsters, and we’ve had enough?”

Become what they fear with over 15 new playable character options inspired by mythic terrors, a bestiary of heroic foes, and a collection of wicked magic items and spells.

Embrace your dark gifts for a nightmarish adventure designed for 1st-10th level characters.

This project brought to you by Beth the Bard and Jayden King, in collaboration with Bardhouse Media. Crowdfunding fall of 2023.

We Are What Goes Bump In The Night...