Game Master & Player Tools

Game Master Tools

World Anvil: A worldbuilding program that helps you create, organize and store your setting with detailed wiki-like organization and interactive maps to store your notes. 

DnD Beyond: An excellent place for digital character creation and creating a campaign group for easy roll shares and sheet management.

Google Dice Roller: Super simple. Go to Google, type “dice roller,” and you have a dice roller.

Roll Dice With Friends: You can give your temporary room a custom name, share the link with your friends, and all roll together!

DnD Beyond’s Encounter Builder: I’ve heard it’s helpful. You can build an encounter and determine its difficulty level based on math. DM Screen: This site is typically a no-go except that their DM Screen is a game-saver. 

Role Generator: You can randomly generate everything from cities, to magic items, to herbs, to NPCs.

  • Roll 20
  • Foundry VTT
  • Norse Foundry
  • Shard
  • Tablespire
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Fantasy Grounds
  • Inkarnate: For fantasy world and city maps. Yearly subscription.
  • Wonderdraft: For fantasy world and city maps. One time purchase.
  • Dungeon Scrawl: For creating flat and isometric dungeon maps. Completely free.
  • Dungeondraft: Building and Dungeon crawl maps, full color.

Tabletop Audio

Spotify: There are so many D&D playlists to choose from, or, pick your favorite video game tracks to play.

Syrinscape: With Syrinscape, you can control the master playlist and players can decide their preferred volume from their end. 

YouTube Premium: Put on a 3-hour ambiance video without commercial interruptions.

DMs Guild: A place to find supplemental guides and campaigns to enhance your official D&D content.

Drive Thru RPG: The all-TTRPG sister of DMs Guild.

The Monsters Know: A blog and book series about monster tactics and strategies to help enhance gameplay.


Player Tools

Point Buy Calculator: Doing a character sheet from scratch? This will help so much with the number crunching.

DnD Beyond: The best place to build a digital character sheet. Fully connected to all the official D&D content. Makes leveling up take about 30 seconds.

Wild Shape Tracker: Super helpful for druids.

Character Backstory Template:

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything: I use this particular book ALL the time to help build my character backstories. There are roll tables in the “This is Your Life” chapter.